Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Huawei Y511-U30 custom room


1- Get ROOT (Framaroot OR VRoot), put CWM from this instruction

2. Wipe data factory reset
3. Wipe cach partition
4. Advanced-> Wipe dalvik cache
5.install zip from sd card-> choose zip from sdcard-> choose the firmware archive-> choose Yes-Install …
6. Reboot system now

Changes :
ver: 1.0
-Porting firmware
Adaptation of boot.img
ver: 1.2
-Identification in build.prop
Fixe "Music"
Solution with internet bug in one of the modules sim
ver: 1.4
-Solution to the problem with the screen lock (see Cons)
Optimization 3G
GPS optimization
ver: 1.6
Sewn-fix application "Music"
-Build.prop by o_z_m
Built-topic dark_blue
-Updated hosts from 21.02.2014
-Mute butanimatsii "bootanimationsound"
-Replaced bootanimation
-Changed lockscreen

Cons :
- fly braking "Music" , Corrected
- does not work 3G (is working) corrected
- not working GPS (is working) corrected
- camera bug when scrolling the screen lock corrected
- Player goes to sleep sms shortcut on the lock screen takes a block corrected
-Possible lack of optimization (write about bugs appeared)

Thank :
Axely and o_z_m

Internet does not work :
If not working GPRS or 3G connection, the APN settings to remove the login and password, and authentication type to put PAP.
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