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Here you can find the instructions on how to flash your MT6575 based phone. Although example images shown here refer to JIAYU G2, you can flash other phones based on this MediaTek chipset, with the correct ROM files, of course

Methode 1 on mobile:
Two apps you may need! Please download it here

The tutorial:
But the two apps are chinese, and now i will explain it step by step.
- 1 The first one to write imei number is m44 tool box you install.
  This one can run with your phone language if it is English, then, here is the step:
  engineer model– engineer model(MTK)– GPRS—
  Then you will see two blanket tables at the top of the screen, all you need to do is just to write  15 numbers in and then restart!
- 2 Install mt65xx is made for all these 65xx phone to wirte imei number, but the short is all are chines..
- 3 Run m44 tool box You can see the details here!

Notice, if you lost your imei number, you will not see the original imei1 and 2, what you need to do is just to write new1 and new2 and then restart.
Finish !

Methode 2 on PC:
Please download it here
-1 Open SN_Write_tool_exe_v2.1124.1.rar and install setup.exe
-2 Run SN_station 

- Function select = "Wrtite IMEI" and "Smartphone"
- Connection Setting = "COM PORT : USB VCOM"
- IMEI Options = "Dual IMEI"
- Modem database = BPLGUInfoCustomApp_MT6575_S01_MAUI_11AMD_W11_50_SP_V13 ( for this file you will need a original rom )
- AP Database = APDB_MT6575_S01_ALPS.ICS.MP ( for this file you will need a original rom )
- Supplemented as follows, and then set the following parameters:

  • write numbers imei of your mobile or other, and GO Start !

Finish !

Attention: Please follow the instructions carefully. I
will not take any responsibility on whatever may
happen with your phone.
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