Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Before saving the data and see if the phone is fully charged !

The tutorial:
1.After downloading, do not unzip the files, but put ROM in the root directory of the memory card of your phone or SD card depends on your ROM.

2.Now press,While holding down:
           Power button + volume button up, " wait 5 seconds or more "  to enter the recovery mode. ( depends on your mobile )

3.Wipe data / factory reset clears the data -> Yes -> delete all user data

Chinese Wipe data " Ligne 3 -> and after Ligne 8 "

4.Wipe cache partition to clear the cache -> Yes -> Wipe Cache

Chinese Wipe cache partition " Ligne 4 -> and after Ligne 8 "
Chinese Wipe Dalvik Cache " Ligne 7 -> and after Ligne 2 "

5.Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard
Chinese Install zip from sdcard " Ligne 2 -> and after Ligne 1 "

6.Select your ROM in your memory card -> Yes -> Install name of your ROM

7.Complete recovery will return to the initial screen, choose the first ligne, reboot system now (first boot takes a while)

8.FINISH !  "Info this tutorial is for CWM General mode
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