Tuesday, September 23, 2014


ROM install with LeWa recovery. Into Recovery mode (operating on the phone, in strict accordance with the steps executed)

LeWa Recovery system v1.0
1 Into Recovery mode the Lewa ROM brush into the phone!

Shutdown, pull the battery (wait a moment) into the battery, then hold down the power button and volume keys, do not release any button, wait until the engineeringmode! Volume on the key switch, volume down key confirmation, select the recovery on the bootloader mode!

2 in the standby interface, can long press the power button  select reboot phone  Brush mode, the phone will automatically enter the brush machine interface(provided that the brush into the frog bottom package) [Please ensure power> 15%].

2 Recovery Clear data
2.1 Click Wipe

2.2 Click Data / Factory

2.3 Slide the slider to the right to begin

2.4 Return Click the lower right corner, and click the Cache, slide to the right-most start

3 brush into Lewa ROM
3.1 Click Install

3.2 ROM package clicks into the SD card before

3.3 Slide the slider to the right start to brush into frog ROM

3.4 wait Brush completed

 3.5 Brush success click Reboot System to restart or if you put a patch, back home and repeat same operation but with your patch.
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