Saturday, April 12, 2014


What's new ?

[****] MTK6260 World's 1st Support.... ( Other Failed & It's Tested )

Added World's 1st MTK6260 New Flash ic
Added World's 1st MTK6260 New Flash ic Read Flash
Added World's 1st MTK6260 New Flash ic Write Flash
Added World's 1st MTK6260 New Flash ic Format
Added World's 1st MTK6260 New Flash ic Privacy Code
Added World's 1st MTK6260 New Flash ic Imei Repair

Use 625a boot !!
[****] SPD PAC

Solved SPD Android PAC file Writing

How to write Pac file ? 

1- Open Volcano
2- Click on Android
3- Select SPD6820 ( from Cpu Type )
4- click on Write FAC File
5- Click on Start
6- Click on Open ( on new window )
7- Give PAC file patch and start Flashing.....
[****] Nokia X 
Added Nokia X for these functions:

2- IS Root
3- ADB Root
4- ADB UnRoot
5- Wipe All
6- Reset Gmail
7- Unlock
8- BackupEMMC


1- IS ADB is for to know basic information of phone & is ADB connected or not
2- IS Root is for to check is phone Rooted or not
3- ADB Root is for Root Phone
4- ADB UnRoot is for unRoot phone
5- Wipe All is for clear All phone data
6- Reset Gmail to Reset Gmail account from phone
7- Unlock is for Unlock User code or Pin Code
8- BackupEMMC is for BAckup Emmc Data from Phone

How to do it ?

1- Open Volcano
2- Click on Android
3- Click on ADB Mode
Select your Desire needed option to perform 

         click under link for download        

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